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Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day to everyone.  Hopefully it will be as painless as possible.

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Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands

Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands Since platinum is so much more rare than gold, thirty-five times in fact, it is known as a very scarce metal. That makes platinum diamond wedding bands the perfect choice for any couple. A wedding should be a perfect union and it deserves the perfect ring. The platinum that is used in platinum diamond wedding bands will be 95% pure platinum and, since it is an...

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So You've Decided to Propose - Taking the Next Step

You’ve found the right girl and you’ve made up your mind. Soon you hope to be embarking on a grand new journey with the love of your life. Before you pop that question though, there are a few small details to iron out first. Here’s a brief look at the in’s and out’s of marriage proposals. Make Sure the Time is Right Before you get down on bended knee and...

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Essentials For a Romantic Proposal

You’ve decided to propose to the love of your life, but if you’re like most guys you could use some help making it happen. Maybe you just need a few great ideas to help kickstart the planning. Here are a few simple—but essential—elements that will help make your proposal more romantic and unforgettable, a moment you’ll both remember fondly in the years to come. Hopefully you’ll remember it as the...

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How To Secretly Arrange the Engagement Ring Before You Propose

So you’ve decided to pop the big question but want to impress your special lady with a romantic, surprise proposal? You know an engagement ring is probably the single most important piece of jewelry you will ever buy. You want her to love it and you want the ring to be perfect. So how does one go about selecting the perfect ring she will love—on the sly? How do you...

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