April 10 2014 Thursday at 01:18 PM

Essentials For a Romantic Proposal

You’ve decided to propose to the love of your life, but if you’re like most guys you could use some help making it happen. Maybe you just need a few great ideas to help kickstart the planning. Here are a few simple—but essential—elements that will help make your proposal more romantic and unforgettable, a moment you’ll both remember fondly in the years to come. Hopefully you’ll remember it as the one instant that started your life together with this one-word answer to a familiar four-word question: yes!



  1. Communication 

    It may not be as sexy as renting a surprise boat road on the Seine in Paris or reserving a candlelit table for two at the best restaurant in the city, but communication is an essential part of good proposal planning. What do we mean by communication? Before popping the big question you have to make sure that both of you are ready for a serious commitment like marriage. You must also be in agreement on the big life questions like how to save and spend money, raising children, and so forth. Have a serious conversation about all of these things, get on the same page, then move on to the fun stuff.

  2. The Ring 

    Does your lady want to be involved in picking out the ring? Some do and some don’t. Even those who don’t want to love the ring, so you may have your work cut out for you there. There are plenty of articles on the web about selecting the proper engagement ring; just do your homework if she wants to be surprised. Asking her mom or best friend for input on the ring is sometimes a great idea—just make sure they can keep a secret. Sometimes the best plan is letting your girl pick out a “hypothetical”perfect engagement ring, and then letting you surprise her with the timing and actual presentation of the ring. The bottom line: the ring is crucial and something you don’t want to mess up!

  3. Make it Personal

    We’d recommend avoiding public proposals as they just ramp up the pressure and tension in something that is already dynamic enough. You want the drama to be about you and your love, not a crowd’s reaction to your proposal. The focus should be on just the two of you anyway, so we recommend trying to think of a quiet, intimate setting for the proposal that relates to you both and your history together. Maybe that means a place on the beach where you first fell in love, or a romantic spot you have used for picnics. Get creative and make it personal.
  4. Make it Romantic 

    There is nothing corny or embarrassing about getting down getting down on one knee to make your proposal. It’s called being romantic, and your lady will appreciate it. Taking that a step further, for even more romantic effect, tell her why you want to marry her before you ask the four magic words—will you marry me? Get creative and have fun with the proposal, but most will find that keeping the emphasis on romance is the way to go. Some guys go in for baking rings in cakes (we’d stay away from that one) or hiding them in other kinds of food like a salad or in a cocktail glass. We recommend you think long and hard before pulling any cutesy tricks that might result in a ring being accidentally swallowed. The emergency room is not a romantic venue for proposals!


If you love your lady and follow the four guidelines above, you should have a romantic proposal you’ll both cherish forever. Hopefully she’ll have a great proposal story she’ll love to tell her friends about—the surest sign of success for any guy’s proposal.