May 07 2014 Wednesday at 01:04 PM

Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings

Show her how much you care by popping the question with an engagement ring that is just as brilliant as she is. By selecting a round brilliant cut diamond you are sure she will be amazed and say “yes.” This type of diamond cut is one of the more popular shapes available today. Because it is the most sought out cut, diamond cutters have worked for decades perfecting and advancing techniques to optimize the brilliance of the diamond.

A brilliant cut engagement ring is designed to sparkle by reflecting light like not other diamond cut can. Brilliant cut diamonds offer you more flexibility when selecting an engagement ring. You will be able to be a little bit more flexible in terms of balancing the color and clarity grades without sacrificing the brilliance you are looking for in an engagement ring. To help maximize the brilliance in the ring, opt for one in the two highest clarity grades - ideal or choose ideal.

When shopping for an engagement ring you want to focus on the 4 C’s - cut, color, clarity and carat. By selecting a brilliant cut engagement ring you are sure to hit a home run in all four categories. This type of engagement ring is extremely versatile making every woman who wears it look and feel striking.