May 08 2014 Thursday at 10:03 AM

Bezel Diamond

Skip selecting a traditional diamond ring and go with a bezel setting. This setting does not confine you to a classic round diamond cut or one that has to fit within a traditional setting. When compared to traditional settings, a bezel setting can emphasize the stone’s size while offering greater protection from harmful elements.

Bezel settings are designed with a band of metal that is wrapped completely around the diamond. This type of setting generally only reveals the top of the diamond that is covered only on the edge by a very small lip. As a ring, a bezel setting allows for the diamond to sit above the band creating a sense of height and dimension. Partial bezel’s can also be used to allow for more of the stone’s natural beauty to be showcased.

Because the diamond is protected by the metal design in the bezel setting it is more protected than in traditional prong settings. This style of ring is perfect for those who live active lifestyles or do a lot of work with their hands.

The bezel design will not affect the brilliance of the diamond. With proper care and cleaning, dirt and debris will not affect how well the stone reflects light. Plus, this is the perfect setting to hide flaws that may be found within the diamond.

Depending upon your lifestyle, a bezel diamond ring may be the best option for you. This style and design offers a stronger setting and a unique, elegant look when worn by any woman.