May 13 2014 Tuesday at 12:25 PM

Cool Engagement Rings

Traditionally a diamond solitaire ring is the ring of choice when men propose to their girlfriends. However, an engagement ring does not have to be a traditional solitaire. Break tradition and find a unique and very cool ring that will represent the love you two share. A unique ring will make your girlfriend feel special and it will guarantee she will show it off to all of her friends and family.

There are many different types of rings available that are not your traditional engagement ring. Some have multiple stones. Some even have colorful stones set within. There are no rules when choosing a unique and cool engagement ring. Many men choose to design their own engagement ring, making its significance so much more special.

Consider selecting an Asscher cut diamond set in white gold with some ruby stones set off on the side, or even surrounding the diamond. Another great idea is to use blue diamonds instead of the traditional clear. The blue diamonds sparkle just as much as traditional diamonds, but because of their color, they are more likely to catch someone’s eye. Rose gold is another unique option that many men are selecting when looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Remember, the engagement ring you select should be a symbol of the love you have for your girlfriend. If your relationship is unique, find a ring that is just as unique. An engagement ring should represent both of your styles. As long as it does that, the ring will be cool by her standards too.