May 14 2014 Wednesday at 02:51 PM

Diamond Engagement Settings

The two of you have been dating for some time and you truly believe now is the time to make it forever. Sweep her off her feet with an amazing engagement ring that will ensure you get the answer you are hoping for - “yes.” But before you go ring shopping or off to the jewelry to design your own engagement ring, it is important you understand and are familiar with the different types of diamond engagement ring settings.

Here are some of the more popular engagement ring settings:

  • Prong solitaire: Metal claws hold a single stone in place with four or six prongs
  • Three-stones: One larger center diamond with two stones on either side
  • Channel setting: Center stone with two long tracks of gemstones around the band
  • Bezel setting: Gemstone is surrounded by a thin piece of metal
  • Pave setting: Center stone is surrounded by smaller gems that are set close together
  • Cluster setting: Smaller diamonds are set to flank a larger, center one
  • Gypsy setting: Stones are set in the ring so they are flush with the surface
  • Bar setting: Uses metal bars to separate the stones
  • Shared prong: Prongs are shared by more than one diamond in the setting

Any of these settings can be designed with any type of metal. More commonly ring metals include yellow gold, white gold and platinum.

Once you know the different settings, finding the perfect engagement ring should be easier. Know the type of diamond engagement ring setting you want before you go to the jewelers. This will help reduce the amount of time it takes to select the perfect ring.