May 19 2014 Monday at 12:30 PM

Six Romantic Wedding Proposals She'll Love


Getting the the ring right may be the single most important part of a proposal, but it’s how you proposed that your bride will be telling friends and family about for the rest of her life. In other words, it’s a very big deal. Here are some great romantic ideas to make your proposal both special and memorable—and the beginning of a great proposal story she will love to tell over and over again.


Properly executed these can be among the best of all proposals—but a failed public proposal is very bad indeed. The first rule is don’t embarrass her. Make absolutely sure you know her heart before you propose. If she is on the fence, or hasn’t made up her mind about marriage or you in particular, you don’t want to find out in a public setting. If you are certain her answer will be an unqualified yes, have a flair for the dramatic, and think she would appreciate the audience effect of a good public proposal, read on.

Street Artist

Have your bride-to-be and yourself sketched by a street artist or caricaturist that you have bribed and briefed beforehand. When she sees your sketch the dialogue bubble says, “Will you marry me?” Hers can be either empty (hand her a pencil to fill it in with a yes) or the artist can fill it in for her—it may be a little melodramatic, but we prefer the latter.

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

You send your girlfriend on a scavenger hunt (add her best friend or group of friends if you want to include them in the fun) around town to your favorite spots and have the final clue lead to you on bended knee. If you send her out solo, make sure friends or family or a goodly number of pleasant strangers (busy city street in a shopping district with plenty of pedestrian traffic etc.) are present at the end to share in the moment. 

The Restaurant Proposal

The table side, bended-knee proposal is a classic. To spice it up a bit, try having the ring brought to your table in its box as a selection on the dessert tray. Alternatively, ask the pastry chef to write the words, “Will you marry me” in chocolate on a plate or on her actual dessert. For maximum effect, make sure you do this at an intimate, romantic restaurant.



Candlelit and Simply Romantic

She comes into your home to find the lights out, candles and flower petals leading her to the ring and you and your proposal. (Hint: have a heartfelt proposal ready that goes along with the classic and elegant mood you created.) Very simple, very romantic.

High-Tech Romance

Here the sky is the limit and only limited by your imagination and tech savvy. You can create a proposal and sneak it onto her iPod or you can film a YouTube video and come up with an imaginative way to show it to her. (When all else fails simply tell her you have a great clip or video she needs to see.) You get bonus points if you can get her to watch it without you, and then surprise her at the end of the video by showing up in person to seal the proposal with a kiss. 

The Movie Scene Proposal

Any time you can echo a moment from one of her favorite romantic movies, you’re on the right track. For example, if she is a Pretty Woman fan, surprise her by picking her up in a white limo with a moonroof and have your flowers and proposal ready. Pop the question, then use the limo to take your lady for a great night out on the town—dinner, dancing, and a romantic proposal she will never forget.