May 24 2014 Saturday at 03:35 PM

Channel Set Engagement Rings

A channel set engagement ring is definitely a timeless design that ensures you cannot go wrong when selecting it for your upcoming proposal. This style of ring is both classic and sophisticated. The many diamonds used in the setting makes it glimmer and shine. This type of setting can be customized by adding colored gemstones to the center or along the channel setting. Over the last two decades, the sleek look of a channel set ring has become more popular.

A ring with a channel setting features diamonds, or other gemstones, that are set in a channel form. The gemstones are held in place with two strips of precious metal with grooves designed to hold the stones in place. Depending upon the shape of the stones used, different shapes made from precious metals are used in between stones to keep them in place and aligned. Smaller accent diamonds create a more classic look and larger accent diamonds appear to be more glamorous.

Some channel set engagement rings include:

  • The use of birthstones or favorite color in channel setting
  • Alternating white and black diamonds along the setting
  • Channels that curve, expand or taper

Give her a ring that is versatile and she is sure to cherish. Channel set engagement rings have definitely stood up to the test of time and are definitely a classic. This type of setting the perfect way to show your love will endure all.