May 25 2014 Sunday at 07:50 PM

Engagement Rings for Women

An engagement ring is a symbol of affection every woman dreams of receiving, next to the wedding band she will soon receive on the best day of her life. Since conceived, engagement and wedding rings were designed to be worn by women all the time. It represents the eternal love she shares with her husband and many women are proud to show this symbol off to everyone they meet.

Throughout history, both styles and meaning of the engagement ring have changed. For example in ancient Rome, approximately around the third century, the ring was designed more like a key. This item, primarily made from brass, bronze or iron, symbolize the unlocking of a new life together. Later on, the key ring was used in England, where the woman was given a box with a number of valuables for the couple to share upon their nuptials. It was not until more recently when the idea of an engagement ring has become such a romantic gesture.

Nowadays, rings are used to symbolize everything found within a couple’s relationship. Some engagement rings, including those with three stones, symbolize the past, present and future of the relationship. Other engagement rings feature the bride-to-be’s birthstone set aside her fiancé’s birthstone, symbolizing their union. More and more women are opting for unique engagement rings as a way to show of how unique the love the two share.