May 28 2014 Wednesday at 08:44 PM

Elegant Alternatives to the Traditional Ring Pillow

Whoever said you had to follow convention and place the ring on a pillow in the first place? We know that tradition holds your wedding rings are usually made of precious metals to symbolize the importance of your union. We know that tradition also favors a pillow to carry the rings as a sign of protecting these important symbols of your love and commitment. Tradition is fine—but we’d say there is nothing wrong with adding your own unique and personal touches to the traditional wedding. Here are some elegant alternatives to the traditional ring pillow that will help make your wedding more chic and personal.

Go Natural

If you’re the kind of love birds who enjoy nature and the great outdoors, consider a “birds nest” made of natural twigs and moss (let your imagination have free rein here) to hold the rings. If you are beach or boating types, consider placing the rings in a clam or seashell. You get the idea—natural and simple. Don’t forget what famed architect Mies van der Rohe said about design: less is more.


Relate To Your Theme

It’s always nice to relate things back to the theme of your wedding. Is it a Fall wedding with Fall colors? Perhaps a mini gourd would make a nice, theme-filled receptacle for the rings. Is yours a Spring wedding? You can make a lovely ring holder out of almost any base (a square dinner plate maybe) with an arrangement of fresh flowers on top. White roses always look tasteful and elegant.

Chic and Vintage

If you are admirers of “shabby chic” consider an old book with a ribbon tied around it with your rings sitting on top. You can also have fun finding an old jewelry box or other holder while antiquing. This makes your ring holder personal to you and re-purposes something old into something useful again.You can also hollow out a favorite book to hold the rings (making the opening in the shape of a heart is a nice touch).



An increasingly popular choice is going custom. Ring bowels are a great option. They look like little plates or dishes and are a great, simple alternative to a pillow that can also be very chic and understated. (We recommend going with an off-white or white color for the height in casual elegance. No loud colors or patterns here, please.) To make them custom, they can be personalized with your wedding date, names, or a favorite saying. (Such as “Two Hearts As One” for example.) They make perfect keepsakes after the wedding and are easily displayed in a curio cabinet or on the mantle of your home. You can also make your own custom holder or box. Consider making your own box if you are already handy in the crafts department. You can also hire a company who specializes in this to do it for you. If you make it yourself, you can pick a stain color that will make it useful after the ceremony. For example, a simple brown or black box might make an attractive storage place for things like his cuff links or money clips. A white or peach-colored holder might make a nice box for her rings or other jewelry after the wedding, based on personal taste.


Don’t be afraid to do something different and go beyond the usual ring pillow. Make your ring holder personal, make it elegant, and make your wedding uniquely your own.