June 03 2014 Tuesday at 05:59 PM

Top Three Most Romantic Celebrity Marriage Proposals

We can’t all be rich and famous, but all guys everywhere can take some hope and draw inspiration from a few of the most famous—and romantic—celebrity marriage proposals. We will start off with the über couple, the most famous of them all.


Source: instagram.com/lindseydob7

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

What do you do when you already have six kids with her but you still haven't asked the woman of your dreams those three magic words? If you’re a real class act and a romantic at heart, you do what Brad Pitt did. He popped the question in front of their kids, a gesture that reduced the fair Angelina to tear-filled hugs with the kids before she finally managed to give Brad his answer. The answer was yes, of course.

Make It Your Own

To take this romantic idea and make it your own, consider a proposal that involves your family in your own unique way. Maybe you arrange to do it with the complicity of your families and propose at a family event. (Matthew McConaughey proposed with his family present on Christmas day…but be careful. It is generally considered poor form to propose on a holiday. If for some reason the marriage doesn’t work out, the holiday is forever associated with a traumatic event. You’ve been warned.)


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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

If you want to impress your lady love with how truly romantic you are, pick a magical setting for your proposal. There are magical settings and then there is Paris, probably the most romantic city in the world. If you wanted to pick the most romantic place in the most romantic city, you’d be hard pressed to surpass the Eiffel Tower. At least that must have been the thinking of Tom Cruise when he selected that location for his proposal to Katie Holmes. Cruise even upped the ante when he asked for Holmes’ hand after a candlelit dinner at the Tower’s Le Jules Verne Restaurant that floats 400 feet above the “City of Light.” The marriage might have ended badly but we can’t imagine it was any fault of Cruise’s wonderfully romantic proposal.

Make It Your Own

To take the Cruise idea and make it your own, you don’t have to be fabulously wealthy or even be in Paris. Pick a city or locale that is special to you both (there is more than one high-rise restaurant in the world, after all) and pop the question after a romantic candlelit dinner for two. San Francisco is romantic, Charleston, South Carolina is romantic, New York city is amazing and has incredible fine dining options—the possibilities are endless. You get the idea.

Seal and Heidi Klum

Another marriage that almost certainly didn’t fail because of a poorly planned proposal was that of Seal and Heidi Klum. The romantic Seal proposed in a custom-built igloo14,000 feet high atop a remote glacier. Such a proposal might be in a chilly place but it’s sure to melt the heart of any girl.

Make It Your Own

Even if you can’t quite manage a custom igloo in a remote area, the idea is easily borrowed and personalized. If your lady is an adventurous outdoor type, a similar proposal in an isolated camping situation in the woods of a beautiful locale would always be appropriate and romantic. You get bonus points if you can ratchet up the romance with something like a rose-petal-lined pathway to where you get down on bended knee and surprise her. The idea is to make the event a great story she will love to re-tell over and over again to friends and family. That’s the real secret to a perfect romantic proposal—for celebrities and the rest of us alike.