June 10 2014 Tuesday at 07:10 PM

Picking the Perfect Wedding Date in Four Easy Steps

So you’re finally engaged? That’s wonderful! Now you have some serious (and seriously fun) work to do and the first priority is selecting a date. But where to start? Here are a few time-tested ideas to get you on the right track in your planning.

It’s All About the Weather

You would do well to consider the weather first because it affects so many aspects of the wedding. The flowers, venue costs, almost everything is related to the season and time of year. Ultimately it all boils down to what kind of weather you prefer for your ceremony. Do you plan to get married on the beach in flip flops, aloha shirt and shorts for him and a bikini and wrap or sarong for you? Summertime heat may be just the ticket then. Just remember the time of year and weather influences the flowers that are available as well as a host of other things like whether you will need to provide fans or AC or heaters for your guests for the ceremony and reception.

Make it Symbolic

Perhaps you want to get married on the anniversary of the date you first met or a family anniversary like your grandmother’s birthday or something like that. It’s a great way to make your special day even more special. Just be careful you avoid major holidays like Valentines Day (flower costs rise exponentially) and Christmas. You need to keep your guests in mind and asking them to spend a major holiday with you at your wedding instead of with their own family can be a bit much. Still, there is nothing wrong with selecting a date with special significance. In some cultures, the choice is based on something like astrology (the Japanese use the kyomi, an ancient astrological calendar, for example). In ancient Greece the date was set with the help of some divined pig entrails. Whatever date you select, if it has special significance be sure to tell your guests about it in your program or somewhere in the remarks made at the reception.


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Make it Budget Friendly

If you are on a tight budget you should keep in mind that many others want that traditional June wedding, too. Subsequently, June and other popular choices like August and September are the priciest times of the year to get married. You can save a lot of money by tying the knot in off-season months like December and January. Time of the week matter, too. Saturdays are just as popular as June weddings and you can really save money by having your wedding in the middle of the week.


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Make It All About You, But Prepare to Compromise

In the end, it’s your day and your wedding should be your vision. What is your vision? The secret to a great wedding is defining what you want—what you visualize as your perfect ceremony—and then making that wedding happen. If you've always dreamed of a spring wedding, look at those months and then decide if any symbolic dates fall in them. Your grandparents anniversary or your mother’s birthday, maybe? It’s always nice to honor a family member who has passed away (or who is still alive, for that matter) by selecting a date that honors them. Maybe the perfect date is one that is the right time of year (that you've dreamed about since you were a little girl) and one that allows you to have the perfect flowers at a price that is great. Just make sure you find something that works for both of you and goes along with your vision of the perfect wedding. You may have to compromise on some things to keep the affair within your budget, but you shouldn't compromise so much it feels like someone else’s wedding.