June 11 2014 Wednesday at 10:50 AM

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The cut of the engagement ring you select is just as important as the overall design of the ring. Believe it or not, many woman have already dreamed of what their engagement ring would look like and the cut of the stone is one of the top things they think about. In addition to her dream engagement ring, chances are your girlfriend has already envisioned what her wedding day would look like. Her wedding day is the one day she will truly feel (and be treated) like a princess. So why not give her a princess cut diamond engagement ring. Not only is it called a princess cut ring, it will make her feel like one immediately from the moment you place it on her finger.

The popularity of princess cut diamonds has increased over the years, mostly because women are wanting a more unique look. A princess cut diamond is one that combines the sparkle of a round diamond and the contemporary look of a square diamond. Basically, you will get the best of both worlds in a single diamond. This type of diamond cut is popular in rings with trilliants and channel-set rings.

Select a ring that will definitely fit in with her dream wedding. A princess cut diamond engagement ring will make her feel like the princess you see in her. Depending upon the size, she may even feel like a queen.