June 19 2014 Thursday at 02:37 PM

Three Stone Engagement Rings

You have probably heard the statement: “A diamond is forever.” So when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, select one that has a significant meaning that will last just as long as the diamond. Three-stone engagement rings are the perfect way to express the relationship the two of you have. The diamonds set in this engagement ring represent your past, present and future together as a couple. Definitely a timeless treasure that will eternally symbolize your love far into the future. 

Because the three stone engagement ring represents a lifetime together, it is also referred to as an eternity ring. Selecting this setting as your engagement ring will show her just how timeless you believe your relationship truly is.  

A three-stone engagement ring is designed with the center stone being featured and the more prominent stone. The most common stones used are three round brilliant diamonds set in yellow or white gold. Princess cut stones are also commonly used in three-stone engagement rings. Some even add a special touch to the ring by engraving the words “Past, Present and Future” on the inside of the ring’s band. 

Before you drop down on one knee, select a ring that will express the love you have shared, are expressing for one another and how you look forward to a happy future with her. A three stone engagement ring is the perfect choice when wanting to express all of reasons for her to say “yes.”