June 12 2014 Thursday at 08:20 PM

Two Carat Engagement Ring

There are many different factors to consider when selecting the perfect engagement ring. These factors include metal type, diamond cut, clarity and size of the stone. The size of engagement rings are based on the total carat weight of all the diamonds found within the setting.  A two-carat diamond engagement ring offers your soon-to-be-bride a brilliant ring she is sure to show off to all of her friends and family.

Of course, you could select a two-carat solitaire ring, however, the more stones within the setting, the more her ring will sparkle and shine. Other two-carat diamond engagement rings include those with a center round cut stone with accent diamonds placed along the band or the popular three-stone engagement ring, featuring a larger center stone with two smaller stones set on either side.

White or yellow gold are the most popular metals used in two-carat engagement ring settings. Yellow gold is more traditional, but white gold is more versatile. Many men who are proposing are now choosing silver, rose gold and platinum as their choice of ring metals. There are many design options available to make a two-carat engagement ring unique, including one designed by you.

The engagement ring you choose should be a reflection of the love you two share. It should represent the future you expect the two of you to have. A two-carat engagement ring is the perfect expression of your true feelings for the woman you will spend the rest of your life with.