June 20 2014 Friday at 11:46 AM

Custom Engagement Ring Setting

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring Setting


After several hours of going in and out of multiple jewelry stores, you discover that you just cannot find that perfect engagement ring to pop the question with. You may also realize that all of the rings start to look alike and you want a ring that is unique. If this is your situation, it may be best for you to have your engagement ring customized.

Here are some tips to help you custom design the perfect engagement ring:

  • Investigate - go through her jewelry to get an idea of her tastes, including metal and gemstone types. Use a ring she has worn recently to get the correct size.
  • Express yourself - decide what you want your ring to say and how you want it to make her feel. Write these adjectives down and discuss available options with your jewelry.
  • Think of the wedding band - consider the type of wedding band you will have. This is important because you want to make sure the two rings complement each other when worn together.
  • Expect to pay - it may cost you as much as three times higher to have a custom ring designed.
  • Take your time - plan the ring’s design in plenty of time before proposing. Allow enough time to do research, select a jeweler and production.
  • Get everything in writing - including design, costs, delivery and guarantees.

A customized ring shows you put a lot of thought into selecting a ring, rather than just picking one out of the case.