June 22 2014 Sunday at 01:00 PM

Engagement Ring Design

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Design

When it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, there are literally hundreds of different designs out there. From the band material to the size of the diamond, cut of the diamond and the actual color of it, there is the perfect look for everyone. Now, it is possible to become overwhelmed with all of the different options, but you shouldn't look at it as just too many to pick, but your chance to take what you know about your significant other and manifest it into the perfect ring. You just need to know a few basic engagement ring designs that are out there for you to select from.

When it comes to the perfect engagement ring, the cut of the diamond is important and so is the setting. By looking at what your significant other wears in terms of jewelry, you can tell if this is more traditional and antique-looking almost, or more current. This can determine if she is going to want a white gold/platinum band, or if she would rather like a yellow gold band. Of course, this is something you can find out about her rather easily, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Now, when it comes to the diamond and the setting, you need to decide if it is just a single stone and nothing around it or if she might want smaller diamonds. If she likes things clean and simple, maybe just the single diamond, but if she likes it elaborate, a setting with smaller diamonds works just fine.