July 14 2014 Monday at 05:19 PM

You can read a book, but can you read your man?

Life has been good, you have a skip in your step and a flutter in your heart, but suddenly your guy has changed. He is starting to not leave dirty clothes on the floor and you haven’t seen a pizza box in weeks when you come over. His perpetual five o’clock shadow has disappeared from his face. Sunday’s are no longer just for football and he wants to spend time with your parents, what is going on?  Don’t fret, life is good and it may be in for a big change because it looks like he is getting ready to pop the question, he wants to marry you. What are, as they say in poker, the tells that give away his intentions to propose?

Here is a list of signs:

  • A sudden interest in either meeting your parents or spending more time with them. This new interest in family can be a pretty strong sign that he is trying to show maturity and a sense of family, all while getting some good face time with your parents to show them the man that he is.
  • You notice that he has taken a deeper interest in your friends, not in creepy she’s hot kind of way, but he is interested in how their relationships and jobs are going, maybe making jokes about how she is going to married soon or is ready to get married. Guys like to show their feelings in a way that doesn’t leave them vulnerable.
  •  He has a newfound interested in keeping his place clean when you come over. No clothes on the floor, no dirty dishes in the sink. His bathroom is clean. All this is in an attempt to show you that he would be a joy to live with. But don’t get too excited some of these are bound to return, but be happy while it lasts.
  • The overall look and style of his apartment has changed from frat guy chic to a more matured modern look. Posters turn to framed art, his drinking glasses change from beer labeled bar giveaways to classier more adult like matching set.
  • He begins to have a greater interest in your jewelry, like he is trying to get a better feel for your tastes and style. He may offer to take one of your rings to the jewelers to be cleaned and you think he is sweet offer to help you, and he is, but what he is probably also thinking is that the jeweler can give him your ring size while he’s “cleaning it.”
  • And most importantly his big decisions stop being just his and he includes you in his future. He lets you in on his dreams and starts using our as opposed to his.

All these signs may be meaningless individually, but in a combination of three or four of them, or all of them together in totality they are a pretty good indicator that he is going to pop the question soon. Don’t over think this, but be ready to enjoy the moment, and if the indicators indicate that he just is becoming a more mature man, than welcome that as well. It will only make for a better future and when it’s right it will happen.