September 02 2014 Tuesday at 07:43 PM

Engagement Rings 1 Carat Princess Cut

Sweep her off her feet with a one carat princess cut engagement ring.  The brilliance and unique cut of this diamond will definitely win her heart.  That is why so many men are choosing to pop the question using an engagement ring designed with a one carat princess cut diamond.


The desire to have a princess cut stone has quickly increased since it was originally created in 1961.  Years of optical research went into perfecting the cut and creating a square stone with the brilliance of a round cut diamond.  Giving us the princess cut design we have now today.  Which is what makes this diamond cut one of the most popular stones used in engagement rings.


Plus, the shape of a princess cut diamond works with just about any ring style, making it one of the most flexible diamond cuts available.  It can be used in simple solitaire ring design or more complex ones featuring multiple stones around the center diamond and along the ring's band.


No matter what ring style you choose as an engagement ring, you will discover just how perfect a princess cut diamond is.  Plus you will win her heart all over again.