September 11 2014 Thursday at 07:37 PM

Will You Marry Me?

            We have all seen the a guy and girl show up on a Jumbotron screen or kiss camera at a sporting event and occasionally the guy will have planned this moment ahead of time and coordinated with the arena and will get down on one knee pull out a massive rock and pop the question. Most of this ends in an elated newly minted fiancée and big kiss and hug, and sometimes it ends with an annoyed soon to be ex girlfriend storming off and the guy looking dumb on his knee. Ok lets be honest when it works we think how sweet and when it doesn’t, the video goes viral on the internet. And that my friends is key, with the internet the modern man can’t just drop on one knee and pop the question in the living room anymore. You have to get creative to make a lasting moment today. Here a few hints that could make your moment epic.

Get a Celebrity Endorsement

            Access to celebrities is getting easier and easier with the internet. You can send your favorite star a tweet or through other social mediums and try and enlist their support for your proposal. There are also a few sites that have been set up where you can have an athlete or actor make a video for you or they will tweet you for a nominal price. I used a site like this to help make my nephews’ first Yankees baseball game even more special, for under a hundred bucks a pitcher from the Yankees made video welcoming my nephews to their first ballgame. It never hurts to have her favorite celebrity wish you good luck on the engagement and it will make for a story that she will tell for life.

Make a Webpage

            It has never been easier to make a your very own personal professional looking webpage. It can make for a lasting symbol of your love that she can look at when ever she wants or she can update as your life together progresses. Fill it with pictures of your special moments together and stories of your love. Just don’t forget, what ever ends up on the internet lasts forever

Do It In Public

            A public affirmation of your love goes a long way to ensuring a lasting future. Putting yourself out there is not always an easy thing to do, and she knows that so doing it will let her know how special she is to you and that you are willing to face public embarrassment for her. A fancy restaurant will work, heck she has been seeing it in movies since she was a kid, but that means it is not all that original, but it will still make for a lasting memory. But you don’t want something that has been done a million times before. Try enlisting your local radio station, or a local TV affiliate and see what they can do for you. If you do this surprise her, tell you won a contest or something that will bring her where you want her to be without giving up the punch line early. Have fun, make it memorable, and be bold. Good luck.