September 12 2014 Friday at 05:00 AM

It’s Time to Party


           He asked, she accepted, now its time to party. But what will make for a great shindig, when should you have it, and who’s coming? These are the first few questions you should ask yourself when you start to plan a party that will be remembered for a lifetime. If you keep those questions in mind and cross reference them with the ideas of keep it classy, keep it simple, and keep it moving, then you will truly have a night to remember.


           When should you have the party? Well definitely not in the first month, heck the couple hasn’t had enough time to let everything set in just yet. An earliest date to consider would be about two months after the actual engagement. And the furthest out that would make sense is four months. Anything after four months and the moment is lost and you start getting to close to the wedding and all the pre-wedding events like bridal showers, and the bachelor and bachelorette parties. So the sweet spot for the engagement party is two to four months after the question has been popped and answered.

Who and How Many?

            Who to invite to a party is a question loaded with emotional baggage. The first place to start is with etiquette. Remember that etiquette dictates that everyone invited to the engagement party will be invited to the wedding. So that leads you to start thinking about how many people will be invited to the wedding. If you are planning a large wedding than have as many as you want, but if you are thinking of a small intimate affair with close family and friends then you want to keep the guest list to those you plan on being invited to the wedding.

The Gifts

            Once again etiquette is a good place to start. Etiquette used to be that a guest didn’t bring a gift to the engagement party and that gifts didn’t come until the wedding, and guests have up to a year after the wedding to get the gift to the couple, but now people tend to bring something to all parties and gatherings. So help your guests out and register somewhere and make it easy for them to get you something. I don’t think I would put it on the invitations, I am a little old school when it comes to etiquette, but if it is hinted at or asked for straight out don’t be shy to let out where you registered.

Don’t Forget The Wedding, And To Enjoy the Moment

            Planning all the events leading up to the wedding itself can be all consuming in themselves if you let them. The wedding is the main event; so don’t loose sight of that when you are planning the parties that lead up to the wedding. Nothing has to be perfect or flawless, in fact sometimes it is the flaws that make it perfect. Don’t let the pace of the planning keep you from taking a step back and enjoying the moment, it will only happen once.