September 24 2014 Wednesday at 03:00 AM

The Power of Suggestion: Getting The Ring You Want

You don’t want to be an overbearing pressuring girlfriend. Pressure is never a good way to forge a relationship, and in this era when people are so commitment phobic that they fret over having the same cell phone for two years, it can be a relationship killer. And although you don’t want to come off as pushy, the poor lugs need some help when deciding on a ring for when time finally feels right. The ring doesn’t make the relationship but a big chunk of change is going to be spent on a ring that you will wear everyday. So, you think, how do I let him know what I want without scaring him?

Let Him Know What You Want

You will never get what you want if he doesn’t know what you want. There is a pretty good shot that you two have been spending a lot of time together for a while now and if your relationship is heading that way, marriage has been a topic of conversation. A guy, for the most part, won’t put himself out there if he doesn’t have a strong hint or feeling that you will accept his proposal when he proposes. So surely he has thrown out some feelers as to where your head is at on the marriage front, this is a good time to answer his feelers with hints on rings that you like. Don’t miss the opportunity to point out rings you like on TV, in ads, on people you see. These hints will give him an insight on your style and help give him a good starting point.

Enlist His Family or Friends

No doubt his family is sensing the same things you are and have been anticipating this moment as well. If you have forged close relationships with his family then this is a good time to let them know what you like. Be careful to not be so crass as to mention stone size or the cost of what you expect, but keep your comments to the color of the ring, the cut of the stone, and the ring setting that you like. Doing this can also help bring everyone closer because they will feel like they are being included in on of the biggest times of your life and the true beginnings of your life as a couple.

Go Shopping With Him

If you and him are out walking in the mall, stop at the jewelry shops and point out the things you like and don’t like in the rings they have. Again keep your comments to the color of the ring, the cut of the stone, and the ring setting that you like. If you are so insistent on the cost of the ring and the size of the stone then you need to reevaluate where you are in life and what you really want in life. This should be a fun flirty way of letting him know what you like and not a classroom lesson on picking an engagement ring. So relax, have fun, and good luck.