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Choosing between white gold or platinum wedding bands

Choosing between white gold or platinum wedding bands

When shopping for wedding bands, the one question that is often asked is “what is the difference between white gold and platinum?” Though they both look similar on the surface, there are many differences that may help determine which type of metal is chosen for a couple’s wedding bands. Here are some differences which may affect your choice when shopping for wedding bands.

White gold

Most white gold rings are covered with a rhodium plate finish. Because of this, the best thing about gold is that when the finish starts to look dull, you can polish it up. However, over time this finish can wear away, requiring it to be reapplied approximately once a year. In the end, white gold maintains its luster longer than platinum does.


Like gold, a mens platinum wedding band will not tarnish, change color or rust. However, over time, the metal will start to look dull, due to the finish getting tiny dents and scratches on it.

Another differences between the two options is that platinum is more expensive than gold. This is because it is denser than gold, costing more because it weighs more. Platinum is also rarer than gold, which drives up the price on the world market.

These are just some of the main differences between white gold and platinum. When shopping for a men’s wedding band set, consider all the options. Your jewelry will be able to walk you through the differences and select the best metal for your lifestyle and budget needs.


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