November 02 2016 Wednesday at 08:00 AM

Customized Engagement Ring

There are so many different types and styles of diamond engagement rings available. However, not everyone wants to purchase a pre-made ring that is in a catalog or in a jewelry showcase. For those not wanting a run-of-the-mill ring everyone can shop from, a customize engagement ring might be the best option. There are many ways to make a customized engagement ring and more jewelers are offering ways to make it easy to create-your-own ring design.

When building your own engagement ring you will want to:

Select your diamond: Choose from more than thousands of diamonds available. Make sure to select your diamond based on your budget and the four Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat.

Choose a setting: You can either have the jeweler design a setting for your ring from scratch, or based on the cut of the diamond you chose, you could select a pre-made setting.

Complete the ring: Once you have the diamonds and setting selected you can finish the engagement ring. This means adding any additional stones and/or selecting a matching band.

Making a customized engagement ring makes it possible to find the perfect ring for your perfect someone. When wanting to build-your-own ring, check with your jeweler to see if they have settings and stones you can choose from. Or, it might be possible to create and design your own engagement ring from scratch.