November 04 2016 Friday at 08:30 AM

Diamond Rings

What is the most important C in diamond shopping? 

Anyone who has shopped for a diamond ring has heard about the four Cs. Cut, color, clarity and carat are the four things used to help classify and price diamond rings. So what is the most important C? Some might say that it is the size that matters, while others are more concerned with the cut of the stone. This is why the most important C is determined by the buyer.

Here are some things to consider when determining which C is most important to you:

Does size matter? If it does, than Carat is the most important.

Do you want your diamond to be crystal clear? If so, than Clarity is the most important.

What shape do you want your diamond to be? There are so many different shapes diamonds can be cut into. If the shape is important, than that is what you should base your purchase on.

Should your diamond have a hint of color? Though most diamonds appear white and clear, some do have a hue to them. If you do not want this, Color is going to be a priority.

Before going to shop for a diamond ring you will want to ask yourself what is most important. Once you have your priorities in order you will be able to shop for your diamond rings based on your preferences.