December 05 2016 Monday at 09:00 AM

Diamond Wedding Bands

Active couples can still find the perfect diamond wedding bands

Those who live active lifestyles can still wear wedding bands without the fear of damaging them. By selecting the proper setting, it is possible to find a wedding set that is not going to get in the way of a busy lifestyle. Plus, with more styles, designs and metals to choose from, a practical wedding band can still look attractive and stylish.

Avoid getting rings with prong settings or raised stones. These can get caught on things, which can cause them to break. Tension settings are the best option for those with busy lifestyles. They will hold diamonds and gemstones in place without the need for metal raised above the surface of the band.

Another setting option for active couples is the channel setting. This type of setting holds a continuous flow of diamonds and gemstones that are nestled in between two bank-like rows of metals. Many active couples choose to combine channel and tension settings to create a unique, custom ring style.

Other setting options that are perfect for active couples include flush, invisible and bezel settings. All of these offer protection for the stones, as well as reduce the chances of parts of the ring getting caught on something.

As you can see, those who live active lifestyles can still enjoy having stylish wedding bands. However, if you plan on being extremely active and there is a risk of getting the ring caught on something, it might be best to go without rings for the day.