November 12 2016 Saturday at 10:00 AM

Man’s guide to picking out wedding rings

The tradition for men wearing wedding rings is increasingly becoming more popular. This trend did not start to increase until near the end of World War II and nowadays, more and more men are starting their jewelry collection the moment they say “I do.” Here are some tips to help pick out a wedding band:

Learn about metals. There are different metals available, including gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Platinum is very popular among men.

Find a style for you. It is nice to have your wedding band match your bride’s ring set. However, you are the one wearing the ring. Make sure it fits your style. Platinum offers a strong ring and a very stylish option for me.

Get an opinion. If possible take someone with to help you shop for a wedding band.

Don’t buy the first ring you see. Take your time and shop around for different styles and prices. You will want to shop around, especially when shopping for a platinum ring. You might find a better value at the second store you visit.

Don’t settle. There is no need to settle on a platinum band just so you have one. If you are really wanting to wear a wedding band, take your time selecting the best ring for you and your budget.

If in doubt, bring the bride-to-be with when shopping for a wedding band. She can help find the ring that best suits you, as well a work with you to find one you like that also complements her wedding set.