May 03 2017 Wednesday at 10:00 AM

Men Titanium Wedding Band

Customize your men's titanium wedding band

Customizing a man's titanium wedding band offers a unique look that is one-of-a-kind.  There are many ways a band can be customized, including etchings, stones, design and metal selections.  Many jewelers can accommodate any customization in the design.  You can either draw up a design of your own or work with the jeweler to create your band.

Here are different ways a men's titanium wedding band can be customized:


Engraving can add a personal touch to wedding bands.  Just about anything can be etched into the metal of titanium wedding bands.  Everything from initials to symbols and drawings to simple designs can be etched into the band.  Some jewelers have the capabilities to add color into the engraving, adding a unique feature to the band.


Integrating other metals such as gold into the design of the titanium band will give it a unique look.  Other metals can be added into the etching or as a pinstripe along the bands edge.

Customizing a men's titanium wedding band offers a unique look that no one else will be wearing.  This is a great way to personalize the ring, showing you took the time to design and something for your wedding day

Men Titanium Wedding Band