April 05 2017 Wednesday at 09:00 AM

Mens Wedding Band

Top 5 things to look for when choosing a mens  wedding band design

A lot of time goes into selecting the perfect engagement ring and wedding band for the bride. But how much time goes into selecting the wedding band? Probably not as much. However, just as much care and thought should go into the selection of the men’s band.

Here are the top five things to look for when selecting men’s platinum wedding bands:


Pick a design that fits his personality and style. If he does not already wear a lot of jewelry, it might be best to select a solid band, without any designs. If he is very flashy, look for a design that has some unique flare to it.


Wedding rings can be expensive. Know the budget you have to work with and shop around. Simple rings will be less expensive. While rings with designs and stones will cost more.

Bride’s ring:

His wedding band should complement the bride’s rings. This does not mean they have to be an exact match. It means they should be similar and look like they go together.


Many couples tie in symbols from their religion or culture. The Claddagh is one example. Ask the jewelry for help finding rings with symbols. Sometimes solid bands can be engraved with these symbols.


Know the size before going to shop for the ring. The jeweler can help with this. Having the ring professionally sized will ensure the ring is the perfect fit.

Hopefully these tips help you select the perfect mens wedding band for the groom.


Mens Wedding Band