April 21 2017 Friday at 11:00 AM

Modern Design

Selecting a modern design jeweler


Many jewelry shoppers look for classic or vintage items. However, those are not the only types of jewelry available. Many jewelry designers know that there are some who like a more modern design and contemporary pieces to add to their collection. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect modern jewelry designer for your needs.


There are many jewelry designers out there. All creating unique looks. If you have a particular look in mind chances are you will fall in love with one particular designer/manufacturer. However, this should not stop you from shopping around. You never know what other designers have created that you may fall in love with too.

Reviews and recommendations:

Before falling in love with one designer, do some research. Check the reviews on the Internet and ask around. Other jewelry fanatics may have experience with the jewelry designer you are looking into.


Check into the number of clients the jeweler is already working for. This will help determine how much time he or she has to cater to your needs.


Ask what the average turnaround time is on order. You do not want it to be too short, but you also want to make sure it does not take months to get your jewelry created.

After you have gone through your jewelry box and have seen what you have tucked away, it is time to meet up with your modern jewelry designer. He or she can help you find and/or create a modern piece of jewelry that will complement the items you already own.


Modern Design