May 01 2017 Monday at 01:49 PM

Modern Wedding Rings

Modern, yet classic wedding rings.

Recently, modern wedding rings have become extremely popular.  Rings that are sleek, handsome and masculine are top sellers among men getting married.  With the popularity of modern wedding bands, new design are emerging, including some with classic touches.  The mixture of classic and modern has created a near endless amount of wedding ring designs.

Most Modern Wedding Rings are made using clear diamonds that are designed with a brilliant cut.  In addition to the choice of diamonds, most modern rings are made with a silver-colored metals, such as white gold and platinum.  Though some designs mix in some gold, they are mostly silver.  This is because silver toned jewelry is more likely to compliment any wardrobe.

Some modern rings with classic touches include a solid band with:

Two etched lines with a matte center and polished edges

A mixture gold and other metals

Beveled edges

Subtle beadwork on edges

Diamonds in a channel setting

Alternating finishes and textures

Subtle embellishments

Once the ring has been selected, have it engraved with a special message on the inside.  This is a classic touch that will add significant meaning to any wedding band.  Engraving the inside of the band also makes it more personal and sentimental.

There are many options available featuring both modern and classic looks.  Shopping or designing a modern ring with a hint of classic features will create a unique look that the man can wear forever.

Modern Wedding Rings