November 14 2016 Monday at 11:00 PM

Tips for buying affordable engagement rings

The time has come to pop the question. However, a tight budget is getting in the way of you buying her the perfect engagement ring. Do not let the cost of an engagement ring scare you and prevent you from asking her to marry you.

Design. Look for rings with a smaller stone, but an amazing design. Some rings with multiple stones are less expensive and look just as fabulous as the ring with a single solitaire. Also, consider getting gold instead of platinum or other metals.

Prongs. The less metal used to design the ring, the lower the cost will be. Select rings with prongs to hold the stones in place instead of other setting options.

Stones. Compare stones and prices. The cost can vary among the different stones and cuts available. For example, pave diamonds are smaller, more affordable, but still look elegant. Emerald cuts are also affordable.

Downsize. Consider buying a bit smaller than you anticipated. This means buy one step down from the desired classification in the four Cs. Buy a 1.8 carat ring instead of a 2 carat. The difference in look is minimal, but it might be significant in cost.

These are just some of the things to help you buy your engagement ring on a budget. When shopping on a budget, take the time to shop around and see what the different options are within the amount you want to spend.