November 08 2016 Tuesday at 09:42 AM

Why you should buy loose diamonds

When shopping for jewelry you have many choices to select from. Everything from design to stones will affect your final decision. The same thing goes when going diamond shopping. Many shoppers buy their jewelry with the diamonds already set in place and sold at one price. However, not many buyers are aware of the advantages of buying loose diamonds.

Loose diamonds are those that are sold without any setting and can be an affordable option for those shopping for engagement and wedding rings. Buying the diamonds free of any setting, allows the buyer to custom design the setting and choose one that is more affordable than those predesigned and sold in most jewelry stores.

In most cases, loose diamonds are sold to consumers directly from the dealer. This means there is less overhead, so the prices are more affordable. Plus, many dealers sell loose diamonds online, reducing the overhead of having to maintain a brick-and-mortar location.

When shopping for loose diamonds, some dealers offer a higher quality than those sold at retail establishments. Check the four Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight. In most cases, you will find top quality in all four of these categories when shopping for loose diamonds.

Before buying your diamond jewelry from a retail store, take time to compare the purchase against the benefits of buying loose diamonds. You might be surprised at the difference.