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Modern Design is proud to feature cutting edge designs and beautiful craftsmanship since 1978. This collection contains different designs to highlight our hip and traditional titanium rings.

Titanium wedding bands are one of the most popular choices for weddings rings today. Titanium is lightweight and makes for a good choice for the perfect ring in order to show your symbol of love. Titanium wedding rings are relatively new to jewelry, though titanium has been widely used in commercial applications for some time. As an inert metal, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin, which also explains why it's used for medical tools used in surgery. The beautiful grey sheen of our mens titanium wedding bands gives a look that rivals platinum wedding bands at a much more affordable price. For those of you who are purchasing mens wedding bands or wedding rings, we realize that this purchase will be an important decision. We value your business.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email us. We have real jewelers on staff to answer your questions. Please refer to our contact us page. You will talk to a jewelry professional with many years of experience (not some call center).

Our goal is to give you top notch service at the wholesale prices while offering the hippest modern design jewelry.

Titanium rings are popular due to their symbolic meaning of strength. Even car manufacturers used it for their engines (as well as tungsten. Titanium is stronger than steel but much lighter. Many men prefer titanium for its durability. Titanium is stronger than gold, so it can withstand the daily wear and tear. Also Titanium holds its color longer than gold wedding rings. Titanium is the 22nd element of the Periodic Table, making up 0.6 percent of the earth's crust

A titanium wedding ring is fast becoming the choice for mens wedding bands. It is corrosion resistant, therefore being resistant to salt water and chlorine. Ideal for those who love water.

Titanium rings cannot be resized so please make sure your size is correct. Remember that we hand make these rings according to your order.