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Custom Jewelry Los Angeles

A Quick Buying Guide

As every gentleman knows, buying an engagement ring is one of the most important and challenging purchases you face. This ring is a symbol of your love and sacrifice for your beloved, as well as a reflection of her unique beauty and taste. Choosing and purchasing a diamond engagement ring is a process to take seriously. Important considerations are the design of the ring, the quality of the diamond, and the material of the ring. This guide will help you navigate the process of finding custom engagement rings in Los Angeles.

Living in Los Angeles, you have a great advantage over other cities - L.A. is home to its own diamond district. This part of town houses hundreds of diamond vendors, all competing to provide you the highest quality rings at the best prices. Located near the 110 freeway and 6th Street, most of the companies here are open from 10am till 5pm, Monday to Saturday.


Choose Your Custom Ring Design

Two main categories of custom diamond engagement rings are traditional and modern. Traditional ring designs include classic settings like simple solitaire rings and plain gold bands. However, modern engagement rings provide the opportunity to express a great deal more variety and personal style. These more unique rings can feature additional diamonds along the ring, floral carvings, or detailed patterns.

Diamonds can be attached to the ring in various ways. Many use a four-prong setting. This allows a good deal of light into the diamond and enhances its brilliance. Other rings use a six-prong setting. Also known as a Tiffany setting, six prongs provide a more secure setting and keep the diamond safer. Some rings even hold their diamonds without prongs, pinching the stone between metal ends on the ring.


Choose Your Custom Ring Diamond

The style of the setting is not usually the main attraction of an engagement ring, however. The diamond in the center of a custom engagement ring gets most of the attention.

When you arrive at the Los Angeles jewelry district, you should already have an idea about the diamonds you’re looking for. Research ahead to time to find out the setting design and shape that you want. Remember one of the biggest benefits of shopping for custom engagement rings: you don’t have settle for a generic pre-made option. You can get a ring that looks exactly like what your girl wants.

You can choose a diamond based on its shape. A round brilliant stone is the most common shape. This circle-shaped stone usually provides the maximum brilliance and sparkle. Oval diamonds are symmetrically shaped and can make the lady’s hand appear longer and prettier. Marquise diamonds have pointed ends and an oval shape. These stones are often surrounded by other smaller stones. Pear shaped diamonds resemble a tear-drop shape, with one end pointed and the other rounded. This stone looks nicest in earrings. Heart shaped diamonds are like a pear shaped stone with a notch in the rounded end. Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular and have cut corners. This shape can only be successful with particularly flawless and colorless stones. Princess cut diamonds are square shaped with distinct corners.

There is one other option for your diamond: colored stones. This is different from the color measurement above. You can select diamonds that are deliberately colored. Some easily available colored diamonds include pink, yellow (also called Canary), Chocolate (also called Champagne and brown), and blue diamonds. Blue diamonds are among the rarest diamond color, making them quite valuable. Engagement rings often contain colorless diamonds, so choosing a colored diamond is a simple way to make your ring stand out as a beautiful custom diamond engagement ring.


The final thing to look for when you are diamond shopping is certification. With the large variety of diamond vendors in the Los Angeles diamond district, you’ll be sure to find a stone that matches all your qualifications. Be certain that the diamond is certified. The diamond district is home to many reputable dealers, but there are some who may try to sell cubic zirconium or poor quality gems. When purchasing a diamond, make sure to get legitimate certification from GIA or AGSL.


Choose Your Custom Ring Metal

In addition to style of the setting and quality of the stone, you must also consider the material your ring will be made of. There are three standard options for ring materials: yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. If you like the look of yellow gold, that narrows it down quickly, but if you prefer the silvery shine of white gold or platinum, you’ve got another choice to work through.

Typically, white gold is a little heavier and a little less expensive than platinum; platinum is more durable. Another issue is color fade. Most rings are rhodium-coated for an extra silver shine, but that rhodium will wear off and the ring will fade with time. White gold fades toward a yellow gold color, while platinum fades toward gray. You may need to take allergic reactions into account. Some people react badly to white gold, making platinum their only option.

A newcomer to the custom diamond engagement rings world is palladium. Palladium is a harder metal and can be more difficult to fashion into a complex ring design, but it is hypo-allergenic and does not fade like white gold. It is also significantly less expensive than gold or platinum. Many of the jewelers in L.A.’s diamond district are also able to set the diamond in the metal you desire.


Finding the Perfect Custom Ring

Once you have some ideas about the design, diamond, and metal for your custom ring, it’s time to start talking to jewelers about the ring you want. Los Angeles has a diamond district with hundreds of vendors all in one location. Talk with local jewelers that you trust. Some may carry a ring just like the one you are picturing; others will be able to custom design and make it for you.

It’s easy to get sidetracked by worrying about a dozen different factors in the ring. Remember, the most important thing about it is how much your fiancee likes it. With some work and research, you can find a custom diamond engagement ring that’s perfectly suited for your special someone’s unique personality and taste.

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