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Jewelry Los Angeles

Buying fine jewelry face to face


Shopping for fine jewelry in Los Angeles has never been easier or more exciting. When customers visit the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart they can stroll from dealer to dealer looking at all the new designs and how diamonds have been set with rubies, emeralds or other fine gemstones. A person can actually see the brilliance and fire that reflects off the diamonds. They can hold the cool emerald in their hands and see first-hand how clear and flawless it is. A person can look deep into an Asscher cut diamond and visualize the pools of crystal liquid. These experiences cannot be realized if someone shops for jewelry on the Internet.

Actually going into the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart has many advantages over shopping on line. Diamond cuts were not designed to show their best facets on a piece of paper or on a screen. The person buying the stone needs to experience the fire and be bedazzled by the light. This is not a commodity that looks the same, weighs the same, and costs the same wherever you shop.

Customer Service is all about Personal Attention

Not everyone is an expert on jewelry and it is this novice that can be fooled by on-line claims. When you visit the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart you will be addressed and helped by a human being who has been educated and trained in gemology. You will receive expert advice and tips on how to select the perfect engagement ring, anniversary gift, birthday present or holiday gift. When you share some personal information about the recipient, your gemologist will be able to translate those details into specific jewelry items that are most appropriate.

When you are speaking with your jeweler’s representative at the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart you will feel like you are a special customer – which you are! You will not be a computer number. You will be able to carry on a conversation with a warm, helpful individual. And when your transaction is complete, you will know that you have purchased the best piece of jewelry that your budget could buy. You will be proud and confident to present your gift.

See selections side by side

Perhaps your mission is to purchase a loose stone to have mounted in a setting at a later date. At the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart you are able to see different cuts, different carat weights, different colors and clarities side by side. Sometimes the decision is difficult because all the stones are exquisite. Other times one particular stone catches your eye and no other will do. However, you have been able to make the decision by seeing the actual stone and not a picture of it. You have been able to compare different diamonds to each other. This is not something you can do if you purchase a loose diamond on the Internet.

The Internet certainly has its place in our society today. It has made purchasing office supplies, books and clothing so much easier than visiting a brick and mortar store. However, buying a precious stone via the Internet can be a risky purchase. When you are considering making an investment of this magnitude, it is always wise to do it in person.