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Wholesale Jewelry Los Angeles

Retail jewelry shoppers can pay wholesale prices in Los Angeles

Consumers hear the message on the radio and see it several times a day on the Internet and television. Buy direct from the wholesaler and eliminate middle man markup. What exactly does this mean for jewelry buyers in Los Angeles? The bottom line is anyone in the market to buy a new diamond ring or other precious stone can save almost 50% by making the purchase from a wholesaler who also sells to the retail trade.

Wholesale jewelers in Los Angeles sell to retail outlets. A small retail jewelry store has a great deal of overhead like any other retail store. There are rent, utilities, insurance, payroll – and don’t forget employees’ salaries and the cash for inventory. In the downtown Los Angeles area, this can become quite expensive. The wholesale jeweler will sell a certain stone to a retailer for a set price. In order for the retailer to cover all his expenses plus make a small profit, the amount that he paid for the stone has to be increased proportionately.

Wholesale prices are less expensive

The wholesaler has already figured his expenses into the price he charged the retailer. There are no additional selling costs if the wholesaler sells to an individual rather than the retailer. The individual shopper benefits from this transaction because she has purchased a piece of jewelry at a price where the retail markup has not been levied. This does not mean that retailers are over-charging for their items. It means that they have to sell pieces of jewelry for more than they paid in order to cover their expenses.

However, just because a company says they are a jewelry wholesaler does not necessarily mean the consumer will be getting a good diamond at a fair price. Shoppers need to do a little research in order to determine whether the wholesaler has a good reputation and that customers are satisfied. There are quite a few reputable wholesale jewelers in downtown Los Angeles. There is a difference between being cheap and offering a good price. Sometime a cheap price can indicate cheap merchandise.

Customers can protect themselves from counterfeiters and purveyors of bad quality gemstones by making sure that they buy from a trusted source. This guarantees that the diamonds purchased are genuine high quality. Jewelry Mart Los Angeles offers customers the highest quality jewels leaving each individual with the validation that they made a wise choice at a more than fair price. This is what keeps them in business year after year, and keeps good customers coming back time and time again.

One more reason to shop wholesale

There is also another concept which will make the wholesale price quite a bit lower than a retail store. That is simply volume selling. A retail store may have a diamond ring that cost $750 wholesale. The retailer marks it up to $1,500 to cover all his expenses. That ring may sit in the retailer’s case for 30 days or more before it is sold.

However, the wholesale jeweler in downtown Los Angeles has already sold 20 rings at $750. The inventory never sits and never gets stale. This makes way for new inventory and new designs to arrive every week. By selling many items during a short period of time, the wholesale jeweler is able to keep prices down and quality up.